Melanin Manifesto **PRE ORDER **

Melanin Manifesto **PRE ORDER **

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 The Melanin Manifesto candle is a unique blend of Jasmine, Lemon Peel, Grapefruit, and Peach essential oils. Its aromas are believed to bring a sense of confidence and happiness, while also purifying the air and eliminating odors. Light the Manifesto candle to help manifest your dreams and create a soothing atmosphere.


Each candle is made with a custom blend of all-natural ingredients for a premium experience. With an estimated burn time of up to 50 hours, you can enjoy a long-lasting aroma that helps you relax and manifest your goals.

Additional Info

 9 oz

- Soy based Wax (Environmentally friendly, easy cleaning, non-toxic and burns slower for longer lasting experience)

 - Each candle is approximately 9 ounces and burns for about 45 to 50 hours depending on how well you take care of them. Trim the wick each time before use.

 - Each candle comes with a  affirmation to help