"Calm Yo Azz Down" **PRE-ORDER**

"Calm Yo Azz Down" **PRE-ORDER**

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Experience the calming and purifying benefits of Melanin Manifesto Candle. This magical candle is composed of saffron, plum, and cinnamon essential oils, each backed by scientific evidence for their powerful aromatherapy benefits. Saffron oil can improve your mood and potentially reduce anxiety, while plum's anti-inflammatory properties can ease skin irritation. Cinnamon oil can relax and manage stress, while its warmth and purifying properties can promote deep breathing.

This customized fragrance offers a sweet and slightly wooded note that will create a warm and comforting environment. Grab Yours NOW!

- 9 oz

- Soy based Wax (Environmentally friendly, easy cleaning, non-toxic and burns slower for longer lasting experience)

 - Each candle is approximately 9 ounces and burns for about 45 to 50 hours depending on how well you take care of them. Trim the wick each time before use.